After long consideration the Nanni diesel N4.115 has been chosen as standard engine.


This engine is based on a Kubota industrial engine.


With turbocharger and intercooler it creates 115 horsepower at 2600 rpm.


For the displacement this is relative low and guarantees many workinghours.


It is nearly impossible to fullfill the strict emmission regulations without a turbocharger.


The injection is mechanical which means the engine does not need any electronic.


For potential buyers in the USA it might be of interest that the engine has the EPA level certification and that Nanni has a good dealer network in the USA.


The maximum speed of the Independence Cruiser IC 39 with this engine is around 10-11 knots.


The cruise speed between 7,5 and 8 knots.


Fuel consumption at cruise around 3-4 liter.


The engine can be serviced easily due to good access openings into the machine room.
Impeller, oil and filter changes can be carried out fast and without problems by the skipper.

Nanni diesel N4.115 for the long range motorboat
Nanni diesel N4.115 for the long range motorboat
Specifications of the engine N4.115
Specifications of the engine N4.115