The kitchen is located directly next to the salon.

The double sink with swivel mounted tap and additional manual salt water pump offers always the appropriate.


The built-in two-flame, stainless steel gas stove is equipped with electric ignition.

Next to it is the gas driven baking oven.

A large front accessible refrigerator is located near to the companionway.

The large corean-worktop has, like the rest of the kitchen, a height of 0,9m and offers sufficient ergonomic freedom of movement.


There is also space for a microwave.

Below the sink and the worktop are drawers and the waste bin.

Several cabinets are fixed at the ships side.

Two portholes and the companionway provide light and air when cooking.



  • Modern high quality kitchen equipment
  • Lots of easy accessible storage
  • Light and air for cooking
Modern high quality kitchen in the passagemaker motor boat
Modern high quality kitchen in the fuel efficient passagemaker motor boat
Large 110 liter fridge with freezer
Large 110 liter fridge with freezer