With a hull length of 11,95 m and a width of 3,60 m the IC 39 has a length-width ratio of 3,5 which is in the moderate slim range.

Together with the relatively low weight of fully loaded 7,6 tons, 50-60 horsepower are already sufficient to reach a cruising speed of 8 knots.

The low resistant sharp foreship has a waterline entrance angle below 15° to the middle of the ship.


A very smooth curvature progression guarantees an easy displacement cruise and a comfortable seakeeping behaviour.
From the middle of the ship the chine gets sharp and the bulkhead shape gets close to a hard chine.
The bottom has moderate roundings like in a wave binder and twists from a deep vee to a lower angle.
This results in a low distance from the common center of gravity of the underbody from the center of gravity.
At low angles of heel this gives the ideal distance to the metacenter.
An eventual ballast is due to the general concept of the vessel not required because the complete floor, engine, tanks, batteries and other installations are far below the water line.
This means the metacenter is very low and the vessel is very stable.



  • lenght-width ratio of 3,5
  • low weight
  • no balast required
  • very stable vessel
The hull of the semi displacement and fuel efficient motor boat
The hull of the semi displacement and fuel efficient motor boat
Seaworthy Passagemaker Motorboat
Seaworthy Passagemaker Motorboat